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Did you know that Americans spend more than two and a half billion hours online each week? According to a recent Harris Poll, more than 80% of us-184 million people-are now online for an average of 14 hours weekly.[1] And trends in nonprofit giving indicate that more people are likely to give online in the coming years.[2] Email marketing can help you take advantage of this trend and reach more people through targeted messages.

Okay. But we have a Web site that gets lots of traffic, and even donations. And we send out a monthly enewsletter. Isn't that enough online marketing?

Frankly, NO. Not only is email marketing one of the most effective channels for fundraising, it has many benefits that you can't get from a Web site alone. And email fundraising is different than just emailing. Business email or enewsletters convey information or perhaps get a response to a short question. Emarketing is a call to action-its purpose is to get readers to click to a Web page and complete a form, request a response, or make a gift.

Consider some of the advantages you can gain from email fundraising:

  • Emarketing is cost-effective. Many marketing experts agree that emarketing is one of the most effective and low-cost channels for connecting with your audiences. One study found that the estimated cost per piece of e-mail was $.25, compared to $2 per piece for snail mail.[3] By monetizing your email lists, you should be able to generate substantial gifts to your annual fund, add to your monthly donor groups, and even raise funds for special projects. Some of our client organizations with lists of around 20,000 names are raising $12,000 to $22,000 in email income each month.
  • Emarketing will augment your direct mail efforts and enable you to maximize your available resources. Email doesn't replace direct or snail mail, it enhances it. Properly done, email both generates income on its own and boosts snail mail efforts. While direct marketing tends to attract longer-lasting donors, email generates giving spikes and provides immediate, actionable marketing feedback that can inform your mail, phone, and event fundraising.
  • Emarketing can provide targeted communication across your organization's entire spectrum of constituents. It isn't just your development department who can benefit from email fundraising. Every organization has a variety of audiences, and good emarketing can address the needs of all these groups. You can have a number of different messages and mailing lists ready in your database, and deliver specific messages to people who are interested in particular topics.
  • Emarketing is about much more than just raising money. Email marketing will help you enhance your organization's overall brand, build trust, and establish or solidify your identity on the Internet. Carefully targeted messages will also show your organization's relevance to people's interests and increase your interaction with current and potential audiences. This in turn can build new relationships with people, as well as deepen established relationships and provide extra touches to them.

It all sounds great! But how do we do this? And even if we knew how, we don't have time.

This is where Pathmaker can help you. Email fundraising is both a science and an art, and we have extensive amounts of experience in it. When your emarketing is in the hands of professionals, you don't have to worry-we take care of everything. We provide the expertise in all areas:

  • Finding the right email service provider (ESP)
  • Ensuring that your emails adhere to federal CAN-SPAM regulations
  • Growing your email lists and creating email blast strategies
  • Developing your email templates and using split testing and multivariate testing to find the most effective layouts and fonts
  • Testing to ensure that your email layouts and graphics will render properly in multiple email systems (AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.)
  • Determining the best offer strategies

...and much more.

See what we can do for you today! Sign up for your free private consultation with a Pathmaker email expert, and we'll give you the Bottom Line for Successful Email Fundraising. In addition, as part of your consultation, we will provide a free analysis of your current email campaign! And don't forget to read our White Paper below!

Randall Mains, Certified Email Fundraising Expert

At Pathmaker Marketing, it's our desire to help you implement a successful email fundraising campaign that gets you a four or five to one return on your investment with us. Schedule your private consultation today and we'll do our best to see if we can be of service on your behalf.

Randall Mains, Co-owner

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